nourish to flourish™

Snacks made with real ingredients

nourish to flourish™

Snacks made with real ingredients


healthy snacks

A spilled packet of REVIVE granola on a table with a breakfast bowl that has granola, yogurt and orange slices.


Dive into our artisanal granola, made with love from only the best whole grains, nuts, and seeds! It's the perfect mix of sweet and salty - fantastic for starting your day with a smile or ending it on a sweet note. Whether you're looking for a hearty meal to fuel your adventures or a healthy snack to munch on, our granolas have got your back. With plenty of delicious flavours to choose from, they're guaranteed to win over hearts and tummies alike!

overnight oats

Start your day off with a burst of energy! Our mix is super easy to whip up into a yummy breakfast that'll keep you zooming all day long. Plus, if you're a fan of hitting that snooze button, just prep it the night before and wake up to a no-fuss, scrumptious, and nutritious treat that feels like a hug in a bowl!

A bowl of REVIVE chocolate banana granola with slices of bananas arranged neatly with a spoon at the side.
A variety of natural nut butters by REVIVE Snacks.

natural nut butters

Say hello to our dry-roasted, diabetic-friendly nut butters, where the bad stuff like palm and hydrogenated oils don't make the cut! We're all about keeping it real with all the wholesome goodness of nuts, just as nature intended. There are amazing health perks packed in all our all-natural, incredibly tasty nut butters. It's nut-thing short of amazing!

An empty box with a variety of REVIVE overnight oats and granola packets lined at the side.

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A white packet of REVIVE's five spice apple and raisin overnight oats, in-development flavour.

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Subscribers taste test a free in-development flavour with every new R&D cycle. Your feedback lets us know if we should release it, tweak the recipe, or ditch it all together.

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five spice apple & raisin overnight oats