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Together, let’s spread the word that food can be wholesome, delicious, and healthy while still supporting our community and our planet. Every product produced by REVIVE is made with love 100% locally.

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deliciously real

Indulge in our wholesome snacks made with simple, natural, and high-quality ingredients that fulfill your nutritional needs and tempt your taste buds. No artificial ingredients or preservatives, just pure goodness.

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by buying, you give

Make a difference with your purchase! We donate our products to low-income families in Singapore struggling with food insecurity. Buy now and help someone in need.

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for the whole family

Our snacks are the ultimate crowd-pleaser - from the pickiest eaters to the most adventurous taste buds, we've got something for everyone!

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a bowl of REVIVE pina colada overnight oats

overnight oats

Prepare them the night before for a nutritious, indulgent, and effortless breakfast!

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natural nut butters

Dry-roasted, diabetic-friendly, and free from those nasty palm and hydrogenated oils!

a bowl of REVIVE granola on the table


Perfect for a nutritious breakfast or as a healthy snack! Everyone’s favorite - available all year long.

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a bag of REVIVE overnight oats

overnight oats

Packed with nutrients for a great start to your day! Find out how easy these are to make into a delicious, indulgent breakfast that fuels you for the day.

a bottle of REVIVE peanut butter

natural nut butters

All the nutrition from nuts just the way nature intended. You won’t believe the many health benefits derived from all natural nuts in an incredibly tasting butter!

a bag of REVIVE granola


Premium handcrafted granola with the finest whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Sweet, savory, and versatile for breakfast or dessert. Find out more.

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Free shipping on all subscription orders.

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Early access to new products, because we're too excited to not share!

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Decide when you want your snacks and skip a delivery when the timing doesn't work.

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Easily swap or add products to your next subscription order.

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give back

Buy from us and help low-income families in Singapore facing food insecurity. You get an awesome product, they get our help. Let's make a difference together!

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Subscribers taste test a free in-development flavor each month. Your feedback lets us know if we should release it, tweak the recipe, or ditch it all together.

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kopi guyuu (butter coffee) granola

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