why should I subscribe

Subscribing is a convenient way to receive regular deliveries of your favorite REVIVE products at 10% off retail pricing! You'll also receive free shipping on all subscription orders within Singapore. You can start a subscription by selecting one of our subscription boxes on our subscription page.

how do I edit my subscription?

You can change your next order date, skip an order, change your selected frequency or cancel a subscription by logging into your account and clicking "Subscription" on the left of your account page. Changes must be made at least 24 hours before your next shipment date.

how do I change my shipping address for my subscription?

To change your shipping address for your subscription, log into your account and click "Subscriptions" on the left of your account page. Find the subscription order that you want to change your shipping address, and click on "view". You should now be in your subscription order page. Under "Actions", click on "change address" to edit your shipping address.

how do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel a subscription order, it must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the next ship date. To cancel a subscription item, please visit your subscription order page and click 'cancel' under the section "Actions". Once your request is submitted, your subscription you be under "pending cancellation" status. We will review your cancellation request and should it be at least 24 hours before the next ship date, your request will be approved and your subscription will be cancelled. No future orders will be placed.

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