abc butter – 220g

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Unsalted · No palm oil & hydrogenated oil · Dry roasted · No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors · Non-GMO · No added sugar


Each bottle contains approximately 7 servings.


A combination of dry roasted premium quality almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews. Creamy and lightly textured with a mild nutty flavor.


Important note:
You will find an oily substance at the top of your nut butter jar. Do not be alarmed as this is the natural oil separating from the nut butter. Since natural nut butter is made without the use of added stabilizers (such as, hydrogenated oil), the nuts’ natural oils separate and rise to the top of the jar. This is completely natural and does not pose a health risk.


What you can do:
1. Simply stir the nut butter to mix the oil back in; and
2. Store the natural nut butter jar upside down.


Allergen advice:

This product is manufactured and packed in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, wheat and cereal in the processing line.

4 reviews for abc butter – 220g

  1. Morrie koh

    ❤️ the nutty taste. Easy to spread on toast. Does not contain harmful ingredients eg hydrogenated oil and is safe to eat.

  2. donkeying

    i always love to eat my nut butters neat and straight off the spoon (and jar) and this one has got me addicted!

  3. Tracy Wong

    First time eating ABC Butter and I was impressed! What a great combination of taste! Absolutely addictive. 🙂

  4. Morrie Koh

    Enjoy snacking with a tablespoon anytime of the day on toast , on fruits etc.

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