earl grey, macadamia & puff rice – 250g


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Vegan · No refined sugar · No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors · Non-GMO


Each bag contains 5 servings.


This breakfast delight comes loaded with macadamia nuts and almonds dipped in maple. But the real showstopper? The premium taste of earl grey that comes with every bite.


How to enjoy our granola:
1. With milk or yogurt.
2. Right out of the bag as a snack.
3. As a crunchy topping.


Allergen advice:

This product is manufactured and packed in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, wheat and cereal in the processing line.

8 reviews for earl grey, macadamia & puff rice – 250g

  1. Alia Alkaff

    Love this delicious and nutritious snack. It is my go-to snack as I love Earl Grey and Macadamia. It is light yet filling. It is delicious with milk too. I highly recommended this.

  2. Jasmine Tan

    Interesting flavour and love that it is in bite size pieces that i can eat it as a snack as my family loves to eat it like a snack and i can break it up if i want in smaller pieces to pair up with my almond milk.

  3. Nikki

    Really interesting flavour indeed. This is my favourite mix! Somehow the whole thing comes together so perfectly with a tinge of sweetness and saltiness.

  4. Ming.nara

    Love this flavour the most !!! When you have this mix of granola in mouth …it’s HEALTHY PARTY !!!! Highly recommended.

  5. Priscilla Ang

    Earl Grey & Granola! Who does that!!?? Revive is really quite creative with their flavours! I love the novelty, the taste and the crunch!

  6. Betty

    So creative!! The combination of earl grey & granola go well with each other. And it has a special taste. The ingredients are natural and fresh. You will know it only if you try it.

  7. Benjamin

    The Earl Grey taste and smell is not overpowering and it is crunchy. The combination is just perfect. It comes in bite sizes, so you can just dip your hand into the packet and snack right away. I have tried couple of brands and compared with Revive products, I have to say they have a unique taste and definitely coming back for more.

  8. Judith Leong

    Absolutely love the taste and aroma of Earl Grey.

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